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One More Consulting is Maria Kinkina’s independent strategy consulting firm. Maria developed her consulting skillset at Bain & Company London and began consulting independently in 2019. 

Maria has a generalist strategy consulting background, combining strong project and stakeholder management skills with the ability to structure and crack complex pieces of work, to drive the necessary analysis to get to the answer and to translate insights into compelling materials that drive clients to action.

About Maria

Maria has been working as an independent strategy consultant since 2019. She has been on working on projects such as Digital and Technology strategy and transformation management for a large European grocer and customer strategy research for an European outdoor clothing and equipment brand.

Maria developed her consulting skillset working at Bain & Company London, where she performed at the top of her peer group. While at Bain, Maria worked with clients in retail and consumer goods, industrial goods and services, private equity and others. Her work included assignments on strategy and market analysis, commercial excellence including e.g. customer profitability, pricing, account management, transformation management and others.

Before Bain, she worked at a growth-stage education non-profit in her home country Bulgaria – Teach for Bulgaria. There, she developed the internal strategy and data analysis function.

Maria holds a BA in Sociology and International Relations from Brown University, USA. 

What clients say

‘Maria is a self-starter, and very organised. She thinks ahead of the game, which has been crucial to the programme to deliver on time and with good quality. Maria did a great job collaborating with my team to help them structure their work and get to results. Maria sets up and runs simple and effective processes that helped us focus on the actions that drive value.’


 Andrew Brothers

European CIO Ahold Delhaize

‘I’ve really enjoyed working with Maria and was impressed by her drive, focus, efficiency and ability to inspire clients to action. She is very structured and at the same time flexible to adapt to our clients’ demands. Maria always found a way to get the job done and I look forward to working with her again!’



Danique Wagemaker

Consulting Director Riverflex

experience / Case Studies

Technology strategy for a European retailer

In the role of a project manager, led a team of independent consultants to develop the technology strategy for a large European retailer. Worked closely with a range of clients to shape a clear direction for technology across Europe, identifying key areas for synergies across brands.


Digital & tech transformation PMO for EU grocer

Worked with the CIO and CDO of a large European retailer to set up an effective governance for a multi-brand digital transformation. Supported a merchandising technology sharing stream, resulting in roll-out of an EU-wide tech solution.

Customer Insights Research for an outdoor apparel brand

Led a customer insights stream including conducting a customer survey across four markets to inform the digital strategy of an European outdoor apparel brand.

Full-potential transformation for UK facilities services provider

Worked on a full-potential transformation for UK facilities services provided. Including: portfolio review, cost-cutting, customer profitability review, procurement review, pricing guidelines development, account management.

Commercial excellence and PMO for PE-owned industrials client

Worked on a top-line growth focused transformation for a PE-owned  IG&S client. Identified opportunities to optimise pricing, analysing sales data across countries. Worked with leadership team to implement the program, including developing sales tracking dashboards.


eCommerce strategy for major UK grocer

Supported a strategy project for a UK grocer, with focus on eCommerce economics. Focused on identifying ways to increase margin, including by optimising the online shopping journey and on assessing the UK eCommerce market dynamics.

experience / Maria’s work History

One More Consulting

Strategy Consultant

2019 – to date / London, UK

Bain & Company

Strategy Consultant

2014-2018 / London, UK

Kinkin & Partners

Organisation Development Consultant

2013 / Sofia, Bulgaria

Teach for Bulgaria

Head of Impact Assessment & Strategy

2012-2014 / Sofia, Bulgaria

The Human Resource Consortium

Organisation development intern

Summer 2011 / New Haven CT, USA

Let’s work together

I bring a generalist strategy consulting background, ease with uncertainty and laser sharp focus to my projects, which allows me to adapt and fit to the problem we want to solve together. Get in touch and we can discuss the best way I can help you and your team to reach your goals! To get an idea of the type of work we can do together, refer to the example case studies shared here. Some of the types of work I can do include:


  • Overall strategy development
  • Customer strategy 
  • Commercial excellence
  • Cost cutting and procurement


  • Customer profitabiliy analysis
  • Survey development and analysis
  • Opportunity sizing and prioritisation
  • Market analysis


  • Set up PMO office and governance
  • Hold regular meeting drumbeat
  • Drive your organisation to action
  • Oversee implementation

say hello

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