Category: Transformation

Innovation process design for On, a fast-growth sustainable sports brand

Created a new innovation development process for the fast growth sustainable sports brand On. Gathered feedback from stakeholders across the business, identifying pain-points and improvement opportunities in the existing ways of working. Led cross-team working sessions to co-create the new process. Delivered a clear and effective new innovation development process, ensuring On’s continued success in their next stage of growth.

Cost optimisation for UK eCommerce business

Worked with a major UK eCommerce business to identify cost-saving opportunities, focused on tech-enabled savings. Reviewed the fulfilment and logistics, customer service and marketing functions. Surveyed senior management and industry experts to identify the most impactful opportunities. Determined the financial impact and implementation effort required for each of the identified opportunities. Prioritized and sequenced opportunities and developed a three-year implementation plan. Helped opportunity business leads to confirm specifics of implantation plans and to kick-start priority initiatives with in-year savings potential.

Digital & tech transformation PMO for EU grocer

Worked with a €70B+ revenue retailer to set up a new transformation governance structure for a large-scale multi-market digital transformation, collaborating closely with the European CIO and CDO and the C-level leadership across regions. Ensured that the governance structure fostered collaboration between regions that had not worked together previously and helped clients manage the complexity of setting up new structures and processes. Established regular meeting drumbeats and results reporting. Supported transformation leads as relevant to ensure initiatives are implemented on time. Set up the first cross-country technology sharing initiative, establishing the successful roll out of common merchandising tools across Europe.

Commercial excellence and PMO for PE-owned industrials client

Supported a PE-owned construction business in defining and executing a major transformation focused on commercial growth. Analyzed historic sales data from 15+ markets to identify opportunities to optimise pricing and defined priority pricing improvement initiatives to be rolled out across the business. Collaborating with the PE data science team, developed and set up sales tracking dashboards, which pulled real-time data from across all markets to enable weekly sales improvement tracking. Worked with leadership team to set up the transformation program governance and roll-out plan and to ensure the kick-off is successful.